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Engraving/Copying & Score Preparation


Music preparation is an essential yet commonly overlooked part of the rehearsal and recording process. Messiness, ambiguities and unclarities in parts can lead to wasted time in very expensive sessions. Being in experienced in wide range of notation techniques, as well as strong experience in producing scores both in Dorico and Sibelius, I will ensure your parts and scores are clean, clear and precise. Additionally, having produced and printed parts for many different ensembles of musicians from choirs to orchestras to hybrid electronic ensembles, I can assure you your parts will be tidy, organised and delivered promptly for any project.

I can offer a bundle service for your project that will handle all engraving, copying and score preparation. The advantage of such a bundle will allow the production of the score and parts to be consilidated into one team, instead of different groups of people managing each department, which allows for a higher clarity of production from every note written to every note performed.

Every project is different so please contact me for a quote for your project for whatever service you would like. Examples of my work can be found below.

Software I use

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